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With direct initiative of the head of educational system quality assurance department Arayik Gyozalyan and with assistance of ASIPCS rector Vahram Arakelyan recently it was held three days’ international conference directed to productivity of professional educational programs, improvement of teaching quality, modern approaches and demands of teaching staff assessment procedures.

The main guest of conference held on the themes "Competitive foundation of innovations in Armenian higher education" and "The modernization and improvement of professional education in the field of physical culture and sport" was an international expert Hilda Shilds, who leads Quality department of Thomas More university college. The working team formed from academic staff of ASIPCS took part in the conference , which is as well included in the institute’s internal quality assurance monitoring procedures.

H. Shilds took attention especially to European experience in building intended results, which is targeted to providing necessary backgrounds for a student’s progress and self development. In words of A. Gyozalyan the aim of the seminar is to target needs of the institute, to discuss current improvements of the institute developing programs of internationalization, mobility of students and teaching staff and for realizing all this the working staff provided necessary legal grounds.

The rector of ASIPCS Vahram Arakelyan and international partner, University delegate H. Shilds signed an agreement of continuing cooperation, which hereinafter will enable the two Universities to realize research programs, to make mutual visits to exchange experience and the most importantly to enhance and deepen the correlation of internationalization and students’ mobility.