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The history museum of the institute opened on the initiative of the former rector H. Topalyan, in October 1985, when the institute was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Marat Mkhitaryan, former director of the museum, has made a great contribution to the formation of the museum fund. The present director of the museum is A. Grigoryan.

The thematic exposition plan was made by professor E. Sahakyan. Four thematic expositions are presented in the museum: the prehistory of the institute, history, Olympic, World, Europe champions and perished student fighters.

The first exposition tells about preparing cadres of physical culture and sport in the republic before the institute of physical culture was founded /1920-1945/. Photos, materials, literature etc. are presented on the scoreboard.

The second exposition is dedicated to the period from 1945 to modern era. The activity of leading lecturers, workers, honored figures of physical culture is presented with many photos documents, various subjects and materials. The educational, scientific research, sport, social, political voluminous works, international sport connections of the institute, material-technical base etc. are reflected in the second exposition.

In the museum there are the souvenirs, which are dedicated to the institute by various delegations, famous athlete- graduates, veterans, foreign guests.

The third exposition is related to famous athletes-graduates: Olympic games, world and Europe champions

The athletes personal goods are shown in the showcase: sportswear, orders, medals, archive materials, certificates, documents etc.

The museum fourth exposition is dedicated to the institutes student-graduates who had fought in volunteer detachments struggling for independence and freedom of Artsakh.

The process of collecting the materials of the museum is regulated by institutes rector, professor V. Arakelyan. The whole idea of the fourth exposition belongs to the rector: on his instruction, a cross-stone monument was erected in the yard of the institute immortalizing the memory of the perished students. Now the work of renewing the museum material is led by the professor of sport management and social sciences sub faculty A. Harutyunyan. The history of the museum as educational material, is included in the educational program the course of physical Culture and sport history .

The museum of the institute cooperates with European institutional museums association.


Карине Оганисян

  Date of birth:
  Tel: +37410 553310


  • 1972-1976 Yerevan State University
    Qualification – philologist

Professional experience

  • 1981-2012 -Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture
    (Now- Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport)
    Position – Librarians
  • 2013 - Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture
    (Now- Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport)
    Position – Head of the library

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  • Literature service to readers at their request
  • Meeting the needs of the reader by interlibrary subscriptions
  • Direct aid to the reader in search and selection of the literature, use of information machines in order to become aware of the news
  • Information on library and bibliographic knowledge
  • The use of different ways and methods of mass information of readers: "Information day", the exhibition of the new literature, significant dates
  • Formation and purposeful addition of library funds in accordance with the curriculum, programs of the Institute
  • Cooperation with the other libraries of the republic
  • The checking and re-registration of readers cards
  • Repairing and copying of the books

The library with the variety of its funds is one of the best and the only specialized library in the republic.

The 1/3 of the total fund of the library is of sporting character.

The library has rich literature: books on medicine, psychology, pedagogy as well as fiction, art books, books of cognitive character (dictionaries, encyclopedias).

The library fund is also rich in European literature in Armenian translation.

Dr. Zakharov’s private collection of sports and medical literature which he presented the library is also stored here. It consists of publications of pre-soviet period. The rare, unique collection in Russian, German, French languages includes about 2300 volumes and is the "golden fund" of the library.

The reading-hall is complemented by the relevant literature, textbooks, scientific works, and abstracts of theses, manuals and collections of sports media.

There is no doubt that the scientific and educational-methodical support of the library is great.

The library fund consists of 183504 volumes.

There are 22400 books in the library , the total fund consists of 186873 books.

The library serves more than 2600 readers.

Currently about 10 names of sport journals are got from Moscow.

Electronic library includes 224 electronic books and graduation works.

The electronic versions of lectures on all subjects are available in reading hall.