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The delegation of ASIPCS went on a business trip to Georgia from 25 to 28 of October. The aim of the visit of the delegation led by rector V. Arakelyan was the participation in the 22nd international scientific congress «Olympic sport and sport for all» held in Georgia, capital city Tbilisi. The congress was devoted to the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Georgian educational state university of physical culture and sport.

The delegation consisted of the following members: the head of the chair of Sports pedagogy and psychology after A. Lalayan professor Harutyun Babayan, professor of the same chair Ashot Chatinyan, professor of the chair of physical education theory and methodology Yelena Hakobyan, adviser for works with students and graduates Hakob Hakobyan. 157 delegates from 25 HEIs of 15 member countries of the international association of physical culture and sport universities were taking part in the congress. They presented about 250 reports. The key topics discussed at the Plenary Session were main episodes of the Olympic games chronicle, the legacy of the ancient Olympics. The congress was led in 6 directions. The Armenian side headed the sector directed to psychological pedagogical issues in sport of high achievements. The reports and in-depth analysis of ASIPCS participants were worth of great attention and provoked hot discussion and raise important issues of mutual interest. As to acquisition of objective outcomes Armenian state institute of physical culture and sport was included in the list of candidates nominated in the granted international program.

The results of works of international scientific congress were summed up in the final session of Physical Culture and Sport Universities International Association, where the rector of ASIPCS Vahram Arakelyan had a speech mentioning cooperative new programs between partner universities.

The rector of Georgian state teaching university of physical education and sport Jemal Dzagania speaking about brotherhood of the two universities, returned to 2015 international scientific congress «Olympic sport and sport for all» held in Armenia, where the works for membership of Georgia in Physical Culture and Sport Universities International Association started.

The Armenian delegation got a number of invitations to take part in scientific congresses to be held in different countries. In the nearest future ASIPCS will attend the scientific congress devoted to Sports Academy’s 75th anniversary of Alma- Ati and will be present in 23rd international scientific congress «Olympic sport and sport for all» held in India.