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From October 31 to November 6, the head of adaptive physical culture and anatomy chair at Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, professor Susanna Hoveyan, was paying business visit to Sofia. There she took part in the international scientific congress named ‹‹Interaction in the system of inclusive education››. By the initiative of Sofia’s «Center of inclusive education», the participants of 250 different countries gathered to discuss the issues of qualified education of people with special needs, to observe the challenges of inclusive education, to outline the ways of productive teaching as well. They pointed out the further plans on the basis of international leading experience.

The experienced specialists from the USA, particularly professor Duglas Chane, passed the teaching approaches of his 40 year experience in the field of inclusive education presenting the technologies forming and supporting to social skills. 5 essential methods, which are applied in inclusive schools.

By words of S. Hoveyan, to achieve good learning results, the international partners urged to show individual approaches to the learners in full auditoriums, to apply interactive and student-focused teaching unlimited possibilities, to inspire and direct the students, to show that each of them is able to learn and teach as well.

Summarizing the impressions S. Hoveyan expressed her belief that the discussions and new approaches stated in the congress will help the participants to form uniting society, in which education is a priority.